Technology platform

    Technology platform

    • International platform

      Beagle research centre for dogs and monkeys (DMRC) accredited by AAALAC

    • National platform

      National library of experimental dogs

      National key laboratory for new drug safety evaluation and research in guangzhou

      National seed center for experimental dogs

      South China new drug safety evaluation center

    • Provincial platform

      Guangdong province new research and development institutions

      Lingnan characteristic traditional Chinese medicine innovation platform

      Top 100 enterprises of science and technology service industry in guangdong province

      Guangzhou medical research institute innovation platform

      Guangdong pharmaceutical non-clinical safety research center

      Guangzhou public r&d platform for key biomedical technologies

      South China innovation traditional Chinese medicine research and development and technical service center

      Guangdong experimental animal Beagle dog germplasm resources research center

      Public (technical) service demonstration platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in guangdong province

      Guangzhou pharmaceutical key engineering technology research and development center, guangdong province

    • Municipal platform

      Beagle Quarantine Dog Training Center
      Guangzhou Science and Technology Service Industry Demonstration Enterprise
      Guangzhou Service Outsourcing Public Service Platform
      Guangzhou Controlled Release Preparation Research and Development Center
      Guangzhou New Preparation and Chinese Medicine Reevaluation Technology Platform
      Large Animal Dog and Key Laboratory of Drug Evaluation
      Guangzhou SME Public Technology Service Demonstration Platform
      Guangzhou Key Laboratory of New Drug Release Technology for Pharmaceutical Preparations
      Guangzhou Biomedical R&D “One-Stop” Technical Service Demonstration Platform
      New drug preclinical large animal safety evaluation public innovation service platform
      Biomedical research and evaluation public technology service platform in line with international standards